Snapchat’s Spectacles 3 Sunglasses with AR Tool For 3D Photography, Price 27 Thousand Rupees


Instant messaging app Snapchat on Tuesday introduced its Next Generation Spectacle 3 Sunglasses. It performs Sunglass 3D photography and is also equipped with augmented reality technology. With this help, photos and videos can be easily shared on Snapchat. Its price is 27 thousand rupees. The company says that there will be limited edition which will be launched in the market by 2020. The company says that they are specially designed to do 3D photography.

There are HD cameras in both corners of the sunglasses. Both HD cameras capture the depth and dimension of the object exactly as the eyes do. Photos and videos can be made more creative with the help of augmented reality tools given in it. In this, photos can be given lightning, landscape, and many magical effects. The company also launched similar sunglasses in 2016 but did not have the facility to take 3D photos.

The price of the new generation Spectacle 3 is two times that of its original version, Sunglass. SNAP’s chief executive Evan Spiegel says that in April, messaging app Snapchat was used by 75% of users. This included users especially in the age group of 13 to 34 years. The app uses 19 million users daily. This is 60 million more than the number of users using Twitter every day.

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