Gigantic Penguin Ever With 1.6 Meters Height

Ever wondered about a penguin tall as a human?? The modern paleontologist Leigh Love from New Zealand have found out. Crossvallia waiparensis, the species name of the extinct penguins, which was 1.6 meters tall, almost tall as a human body and weighed about 80 kilograms as it used to ingest on aquatic animals.

But you would not believe, this penguin was still not the gigantic one, it had one more according to the records, which is Palaeeudyptes klekowskii. In the town of Waipara in Canterbury, NewZealand. The paleontologist and study co-researcher Leigh Love found remains of Crossvallia Waiparensis, The giant penguin which was present 66 million years ago. This region called Waipara is the house of giant bird species like a gigantic parrot, giant burrowing bat, and other penguin species.

We knew about the emperor penguin, as the largest but now we know it is C.Waiparensis. To relate emperor penguin, there used to be a close relative to C.Waiparensis that was Crossvallia unienwillia which used to live in Antarctica.

It was also noticed that NewZealand and Antarctica were almost different as they are now, Antarctica was too warm than it is now. waiparensis used more of their legs to swim than the modern penguins.

About 66 million years ago, when the dinosaurs got extinct, that gave rise to a giant species called the Crossvallia Waiparensis due to their dating with other giant penguins, a study researcher said.

In penguins, it’s obvious that they weigh more as they could swim little deeper as like other aquatic animals. Now the question is why modern penguins are small? The curator of Bruce Museum said Paleontologists are still working on this. The pinnipeds (sea lions) which gather around the corners of the ocean must be the reason for the extinction of giant penguins.

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