This City Is Sinking In The Sea, Indonesia Will Change Its Capital By 2024

Indonesia’s capital is about to change. Indonesia’s Capital City will no longer be Jakarta, as it is sinking in the sea of ​​Java. Therefore, the government of Indonesia has decided that the capital should now be built on the island of Borneo. Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo said that Borneo has been the economic capital of the country since 1949. The crowd is less here.

The proposed capital will be close to Balikpapan and Samarinda. However, shifting the entire capital from Jakarta to Borneo would be a difficult task.

Due to the continuous spread of Jakarta, environmental neglect, economic and security concerns, the Government of Indonesia decided that the capital should be changed. Because resources in Jakarta were limited and people were growing.

President Widodo said that it has been 74 years since Indonesia was liberated. But, since then, the country had not chosen its capital. Choosing for the first time. There is a lot of pressure on Jakarta for administration, trade, economic, social and services. It is very important to reduce this pressure. However, the approval of the Indonesian Parliament is yet to be approved on this issue.

2.44 lakh crore rupees will shift capital

It will take about 2.44 lakh crores to shift Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta to Borneo. It will take about 10 years for the entire capital to shift. There are about 10 million people living in Jakarta. By 2030 it will increase to 3.50 crore.

According to the United Nations, Jakarta falls in the world’s most populous metropolitan cities. Borneo is the third-largest island in the world. Some of its northern parts also comes in Malaysia and Brunei. There are a huge amount of rainforests on this island, but nowadays they are also being harvested rapidly.

Why is Borneo being chosen for the capital

  • The new capital will be between Penajam Paser Utara and Kutai Kartanegara in eastern Kalimantan province of Borneo Island.
  • The construction of the new capital will begin in 2021.
  • The shifting process will begin by 2024.
  • Natural calamities are very rare in East Kalimantan.
  • The Indonesian government may also compromise with the private sector for the new capital. This will reduce the cost.
  • The formation of the capital in Kalimantan will develop that area and will promote food security in the Java area.

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