Incognito Mode Will Soon Be Available In Google Map, Users Will Be Able To Keep Their Location Data Confidential

Incognito mode is coming soon in Google map. With the help of this mode, users will be able to keep their location data confidential. According to the report by XDA Developers, the company is testing the map’s incognito mode in the Android app. These features will be launched globally soon. Like Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, many privacy features will be seen in the map at the time of launching.

Company will also release i-free walking navigation mode

According to the report, the new ‘i-free’ walking navigation mode will also be seen in the 10.26 version of Google Map. With the help of i-free mode, the user will not have to look at the phone repeatedly while running. While running, it will give the user the details of the route through voice. Last month, Google added a live view navigation mode to the map, which shows walking directions via augmented reality. Google Map has started rolling out this feature for the beta tester.

To make the map more useful for the people, Google is also adding the feature of bike sharing station to it. With the help of this feature, the user will find the bike sharing service station nearby. Currently it is being tested in the US. By May 2020, Google will release the speed limit and mobile radar location feature for 40 countries including India. In July 2019, Google added 45 thousand community and public toilet information in the Google map under the central government’s ‘Loo-Review’ capon. The Lu-Review covered 1700 cities in India.

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