Swiss Bank: Accounts Holders are Not Showing Up, Term Expiring


The case of black money deposited in the Swiss banks caught fire before the 2014 general election. The political party BJP had adopted an aggressive attitude against the Congress government at that time. Now the holders of nearly 10 Indian accounts are not being tracked by the Swiss banks. The danger of transfer of funds in these 10 accounts to the Swiss government.

According to PTI, the news agency, no account holders have come forward for these inactive Swiss bank accounts of India in the last six years, due to which the money deposited in these accounts is in danger of being transferred to the Swiss government. It is stated that crores of rupees are deposited in these accounts. For some accounts, the claim deadline expires next month and the balance accounts expire in December next year. The amount of these accounts can be transferred to the Switzerland government if the claim and details are not submitted within the prescribed limit.

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