Water Ship of Hong Kong Abducted Near Nigeria, 18 Indians Onboard


A water vessel of Hong Kong has been abducted by the pirates near the Nigeria coast. There are also 18 Indians onboard. A global agency that monitors the maritime activities has provided the information in this regard.

Official sources stated that the officials of the Indian Embassy contacted Nigeria as soon as the news of the Indian abduction was received so that more details may be obtained regarding the incident. Also, the abducted Indians may be released.

ARX ​​Maritime, that monitors the movement ship in the sea, has reported on the official website that the ship was captured by the pirates on Tuesday and 19 people on the ship were abducted. Of these, 18 are Indians while one is a citizen of Turkey. On 3 December in the evening, while passing by the Nigerian coast, the ship had a Hong Kong flag, named ‘VLCC, NAVE constellation’ was struck by pirates.

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