Lyft extends rental vehicle program in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area

Ride-hailing organization Lyft Inc. announced on Thursday that it is contributing rental vehicles to a more extensive group of clients in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area. Lyft presented a rental choice by means of its application to focused clients located within the two metro zones the previous spring, and is currently augmenting the qualified pool of clients, a representative of Lyft said. The representative declined to indicate how clients are chosen to get the idea on its app. The organization announced in a blog entry about the rental autos that they will be accessible by means of its application to choose clients who are 22 years or above.

The plan offers a predetermined number of vehicle models accessible for rental for as long as about fourteen days, with unhindered mileage. A spokesman said that Lyft runs the idea without the association of any current vehicle rental companies. The organization on its site announced that there were no quick intends to stretch out the plan to more cities. The misfortune making organization and its bigger opponent Uber Technologies Inc. have throughout the years depended on substantial sponsorships to draw in riders, and are spending to venture into more parts of nations. The company on its site says the rental autos can’t be utilized for share rides. Lyft offers vehicles by its two carmakers as a major aspect of its rental program: CX-5SUV and Mazda Motor Corp’s Mazda3 sedan, Atlas SUV and Volkswagen AG Passat car.

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