Some Men Succumbed To the Fatal Disease Caused To Women

A man with breast cancer was treated at Max Hospital in Patparganj, Delhi. Yes, breast cancer can be breast cancer in men also. However, one in 833 men is at risk of getting this disease. But this is possible. 53-year-old Chandra Mohan Goyal, a resident of Aligarh, had a right lump in his chest. This started being formed four times and increased significantly. In April this year, they were told that it could be breast cancer.

Chandra Mohan also has high blood pressure due to which they were having more problems. When he came to Delhi for treatment, the doctors told that the cancer is at stage 2. After several sessions of chemotherapy, he is fine now. And to raise awareness, he came out today without hiding his identity. According to Dr. Meenu Walia of Max Hospital, treatment of breast cancer in men is possible, provided it is identified on time. Although they say that women tell any changes in breast to the doctor, but men are usually unable to tell anything because of shame.

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