Children at Risk Due To Excessive Use of Antibiotics, Reduced Ability to Fight Diseases

Children in low and middle income countries use an average of 25 types of antibiotics during the first five years of their lives. This quantity is so high that it can damage their ability to fight pathogens and also increase antibiotic resistance worldwide. Earlier studies have reported that drug resistance, known as antimicrobial registers, causes thousands of deaths every year in the world. If it is not stopped, by 2050 the number of deaths due to it will reach one crore annually.

The team, including researchers from Harvard University in the US, said that a major factor contributing to this global health crisis is the excessive use of anti-biotic drugs worldwide. They reported that detailed information about antibiotic use is available in high-income countries. There is little information about the use of these drugs in low and middle income countries, especially among children. For example, he said that in the African country of Tanzania, 90 percent of the children go to the hospital are given a full dose of antibiotic, whereas in reality they need only a fifth of it.

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