Commenting Against God Got One Arrested In Pakistan

A Pakistani enemy of psychological oppression court on Saturday condemned a liberal researcher and previous college teacher to death on obscenity accusations. In 2013, Junaid Hafeez was charged by students at the college where he worked as a teacher of making comments against god in Facebook posts. Offending Islam’s Prophet Mohammad conveys a required capital punishment in Pakistan, which is about 95% Muslim. His attorneys state he was surrounded by students from an extremist Islamist party for his liberal and common perspectives and this month a U.S. strict opportunity commission put Hafeez on its rundown of worldwide exploited people.

“He (Junaid Hafeez) will be hanged by neck till his demise subject to its affirmation by the noteworthy high court,” a court request expressed. Hafeez’s family and legal advisors discharged an announcement saying the preliminary had been set apart by a “flood of dread” and terrorizing after Hafeez’s underlying guard attorney, Rashid Rehman, was shot and murdered in 2014 in the wake of consenting to take looking into the issue. Nobody has been accused of that murder. “The foul play done to Junaid Hafeez gives each concerned resident of Pakistan a chance to bring up appropriate issues about how the legal establishments, arraignment administration, the police and jail specialists work in this nation,” the announcement said.

Hafeez, who quit his investigations at Pakistan’s top restorative school to seek after an enthusiasm for craftsmanship and writing, verified a Fulbright grant and went to Jackson State University where he studied American writing, photography and theater. The preliminary was held in a jail in the focal Pakistan city of Multan under tight security because of dangers to Hafeez’s family and his attorney. The case has run for over six years after a progression of deferrals in court and has been directed by seven distinct judges in that time. Hafeez’s family and legal counselors said they would record an intrigue against the decision in the high court. The Center for Social Justice, a rights gathering, says in any event 1,549 individuals have dealt with sacrilege indictments in Pakistan since 1987 and 75 of them were killed.

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