Fierce Forest Fire in Australia, 16 People Dead

The situation has become very serious due to the fire in the forests of Australia’s New South Wales. On Wednesday, three more people lost their lives due to this fire. In this way, 16 people have lost their lives in this fire since October 16 and thousands have been forced to leave home and take shelter in a safe place. “The police have confirmed the deaths of three more people,” New South Wales Deputy Commissioner of Police Gary Varboys told reporters. According to the news agency Effe, dozens of houses have been destroyed due to the fire and three people have been injured who are suffering from life and death in the hospital.

Fire crews are working to control the fire before Saturday as the temperature is anticipated to reach 40 degrees by then.  There is no electricity in 50 thousand houses in the province. Around 2500 firefighters are engaged in fire extinguishing work in more than 100 places. According to the BBC report, this week a fire moving towards the coast has destroyed more than 200 houses. Meanwhile, a major road that was closed in Victoria was reopened for two hours on Wednesday, so that people leaving the area could leave. Many people however are still in the areas affected by the fire. Reports have claimed that at least 18 people have died in fire-related incidents in Australia this season and that number is likely to increase further.

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